Animal Drawing

For this assignment, use p5.js to create a sketch of an animal. It can be a real or fictional animal, from a bird to a Pokemon. The animal should exist in a scene. Like the animal, the scene can be as realistic or fantastic as you’d like.

The purpose of this assignment is to continue practicing the placement of shapes in the two-dimensional space of the web browser canvas, but to introduce some freedom in what you actually create with those shapes.


  1. You must construct your drawing using only the shapes available to you in p5.js.
  2. You may not import existing images or other external files – only rect()ellipse(), and other functions used to draw shapes (basically, anything under the Shape heading in the p5.js reference is fair game).
  3. You may pre-plan your drawing on paper, or in a tool like Photoshop or Illustrator if you are comfortable working in those.
  4. If you’re having a hard time thinking about how to make a certain shape, consider that overlapping shapes can accomplish a lot! For example, a shape that’s the same color as the background can “cut into” another shape if you overlap it.

Handin Instructions

We will show the drawings at the start of the next class on your computers.

How I’ll Grade This Assignment

This project is worth 100 points, and the number in parentheses indicates how much that category is worth.

  1. (20) Aesthetics: Your drawing makes excellent use of shapes, color, and other visuals to create a compelling drawing.
  2. (60) Coding: Demonstrates appropriate understanding of p5.js and programming concepts.
  3. (20) Inventiveness: Beyond being an interesting drawing, the interaction of shapes, colors, and scene are especially inventive.